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Hair products that have saved my hair

So 2017 was the year I ruined my hair massively! I was brown starting the year, then going blonde then blonder, then green (not intentional, read about the Loreal Colourista here which is why my hair turned green). Then to get rid of the green hair, I put two dark brown hair dyes on my head to try get rid of the green. Then decided I wanted to have balayage put in my hair. However as my hair was that damaged, the hairdressers wouldn't touch it, which I am so thankful. They recommended different treatments for me to have done, and then these products below. 

Products that have saved my hair

So when I bought these products, I cringed a little inside. Like I love my hair, but I am not use to spending so much on hair products. Like I am use to buying whatever is on offer and that will do. However I use these products alongside my other products. For example, Ill use the Hair conditioner mask, once or twice a week and you only need a little amount as it goes a long way! And with the shampoo, I swap it up a little bit. So every other hair wash, I use the shampoo. 

So the Hair Conditioner, I add it into my pamper routine every Sunday Night. I wash my hair, then add in the conditioner and just leave it in my hair for around 5 minutes. In this time, I either shave my legs, exfoliate or just have a good sing song in the shower to pass the time. Then just wash it out normally like how you would with a conditioner. Afterwards, I towel dry my hair and just brush it. 

Coconut hair oil

Once I have brushed my hair, and its still a little damp, I apply this coconut hair oil to the ends of my hair, as that is where my hair is most brittle. Depending on if I can be bothered or not, depends if I blow dry my hair. Whether you do or don't. these hair products makes my hair so soft and now the hairdressers will start doing balayage to my hair as they have strengthen my hair massively!

Have you ever tried these hair products? What Hair products do you recommend?

Lots of love,

Nicole xx

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New York in Winter

First of all, Happy New Year!!! This post has been such a long time coming, I have been being to get it up for ages, preferably before Christmas, but December has felt like a blurred! However here we are, New York in Winter and my beginners guide to it. 

ESTA- they are a must to get into the USA, I did it one evening and it took no time at all, just some questions to answer and also a small fee to pay. Once you have done your ESTA, I just took a screenshot of it as we don't have a printer however you didn't need to show it when you arrived at the airport. 

There is so many hotels in New York with loads of different prices, so it suits everyone budget, we booked a hotel a little outside the centre and so close to Central Park, which was so lovely for a early morning walk. We stayed at the Surrey, which was it very nice and location was brilliant! 

New York
A nice frosty morning view from our hotel
Central Park is a New York must! It is exactly what you see on films and TV shows and it is gorgeous! Specially first thing on a morning (if you suffer from Jet Lag like I did) .

Ice Rink Central Park

Central Park
Just a cheesy photo of me.

Ice Skating in Central Park
So we looked at both ice skating at the Rockefeller and at Central Park. I couldn't quite get over how pricey ice skating at Rockefeller was, its about 40$ per person, and it was a lot smaller rink than Central Park. Central Park ice skating was about 20$ include ice skate fee. It was so lovely, and with it being such a large rink, it didn't feel over crowed. 

Ice Skating in Central Park

Central Park

Carlo's Bakery
The famous bakery. This was on the many things I wanted to do in New York, and I assumed I would either love it or hate it. However although it was very pricey, the cupcakes and the cookies were beautiful. 

Carlos Bakery

Just some beautiful Christmas Lights on the Cartier shop.

New York

Grand Central Station

I still can't believe how busy it is! I would recommend for anyone visiting, visit Grand Central station- its free and it is beautiful. Just stand to the side and take it all in. And think of all your favourite movies that have been filmed there.

Grand Central Station

Visit Brooklyn Bridge

Just either walk or cycle over it! It is so lovely and free and you see a different side to New York. 

Empire State

Its pricey, but wow it is worth it! We payed around $130 dollars for both of us to go up the empire state, and we also payed to go to Floor 102. However I personally think its worth just paying to go to the 86th Floor. You go outside and it is literally incredible. We went for 8 am so it was very quiet. However if I was to visit again, I would go at night just so you can see New York at a different time when it is all lit up. 

Empire state

9/11 Memorial
I didn't take any pictures of the memorial, however I would definitely recommend anyone to visit it. It is so moving and put together very well. It just makes you so upset thinking about what happened and the amount of lives lost. 

Some little bit of advice

  •  Pay for mobile data when in New York, you can find them small little coffee shops or restaurants by using mobile data. And it is also helpful working out where to get on and off at on the Under Ground. 
  •  I would recommend pre booking your transfers from the airport, or knowing where to get off at on the under ground. We got ripped off big time with the taxi to the hotel, and the amount of money we paid put us in a bit of a bad mood when we arrived however we got over it quickly. I just don't want anyone else to get as ripped off as we did. 
  • Pace yourself, New York there is so much to do and it is so easy to put too much in your day. Like the first few days we over tired ourselves because we put too much in the day so just take it easy. 
Have you visited New York? Where do you recommend visiting?

Lots of love,
Nicole xx


A Little Catch up and Favourite items

I feel like this post has been a long time coming, like I have been such a bad blogger posting once a month if lucky (sorry) however I thought I would do a little catch up on my little busy life. 

Now we are talking the end of July, which does feel years ago. But I went to York Races where Jess Glynne was performing. And sadly, the weather wasn’t great.  It poured down like no tomorrow. Luckily, we found somewhere to sit indoors, however for her performance we were outside. We bought ponchos for a £1, which kept us kind of dry. However, I was wearing a white dress and I slipped over in the mud. Ahhhh the joys of British weather hey!

Only a couple of months ago now, we had V Fest which I did a post on, which you can read here And that was the best weekend ever, on an alcohol detox now! Then last week I went for dinner at Turtle Bay, and sadly I can’t say I was very impressed. It was very reasonably priced; however, the food was very average! However, we didn’t try the cocktails, but they looked incredible... so I will return for cocktails one time! Also I had some friends round the other night for a pizza night which was lovely. I was just nice to be in a comfies just eating lots of pizza.

And the littlest thing please me in life, all I can say is ASOS a lister! I love it, I redeemed my £10 voucher the other day, which meant I only had to pay £15 for a new pair of jeans, bargain! So now ASOS is my only go to shop now!

So here are my Current Favourites

Shooter- You can read my post about what I have been loving on Netflix here I am actually addicted to this TV show, its only coming out weekly, and its killing me but I am so engrossed with it. So, I recommend this to anyone who hasn’t watched it!

Miss Gorgeous makeup applicator- Ah this makeup applicator has been amazing! So useful for carrying around in your hand bag and with a mirror you can fix your makeup so easily. And with this protection cover, you don't have to worry about any germs sticking to it!

Miss Gorgeous makeup applicator

Swimming- So i recently did the Great North Swim ( Well back in June I did). And I have kept swimming since then, I just find its a place where I can completely switch off and just relax so that is definitely a current favourite of mine. 

Oh and last but not least, I have started a new job, which I have been focusing a lot hence the lack of blog posts. So yeah that is a catch up from over the past months, which has been keeping me very busy!!

Anyway, how are all you guys doing? As excited for Christmas as I am?

Lots of love,
Nicole xx 


Maybelline 24 hour Colour Stay

Maybelline Colour Stay

Lipsticks, the bain of my life finding a product that sticks around all day, without constant reapplying. To find the perfect lip product, it takes trying so many and wasting so much money.  I have found a few products in the past that have lasted all day, and they are lip stain, which were a task to remove at the end of the day. 

So, I always find it very optimistic when brands say ‘24hr’ wear, it’s like yeah right like that will happened. And I guess they can say that, as who wears makeup for 24 hours?! I have always been a big fan of the Maybelline Colour stay, as at work, I am eating/ drinking throughout the day and, I go to the gym, where my makeup is put under the test (I know you shouldn’t wear makeup for the gym). So my lip products are always under strain.

When I came across the Maybelline 24 colour stay lip product, I believe it is the only lip product that I have ever repurchase (which says something, how much I loved and how much I used the product). I repurchased ‘into the nude shade’, as it I wore it every day as the shade was beautiful. Such easy wearing. I also picked up '240 Plum Seduction' shade, as I wanted a lip product with a little more colour in it, for any time I wanted a different look.

Just a little heads up, wait for the colour to dry on your lips, and your lips will go very tacky. Then apply the conditioning coat, and then it’s done. It feels so lovely and light on the lips. And I have had many compliments about the nude shade before, which is why I wanted to purchase an assorted colour.

So I wear it all day, for over 8 hours and it is still stuck to my lips like glue. Which is what I want from a lip product, low maintence that keeps it colour all day.  Also a little heads up, these retail for around £9, however usually they are offer, so I always stock up then!

What is your favourite lip products? Have you tried these before?

Lots of love,

Nicole xx

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